Custom services for scientific dissemination, tourism and social research programs

Communication strategies

Support and develope online and offline communication strategies, using digital and analogic devices.

Publishing and web design

Interactive publishing projects 2.0. Web specialist on Wordpress CMS

Audiovisual media service

Management of any kind of audiovisual contributions for research purposes and dissemination. Production, editing and analysis.


Decoding and data reorganization service for analogic or digital information system.

Imago Editor

Information Multimedia Agent Operator

In 2012 I've founded Imago Editor – after ten years of teaching and research activities upon multimedia technologies and ICT on social field – with aim at extend my academic experience to the market, focused on competitiveness and customization of the product. My activity is addressed to scientific communication, and also to multimedia data management and organization. Four features define my personality and therefore my way of working and dealing with people requests: helpful, and willing, enthusiastic researcher and patient.

  • Tailor-made professional services highly adaptables to unplanned operating environments

  • Future-oriented strategies with particular attention also to the past

  • Without enthusiasm there is no result

  • Promoting dialogue in order to turn an obstacle into a benefit


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